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Wunder Capital

Wunder Capital helps accredited investors invest in green energy solar projects. This alternative investment helps you make money while also helping the environment. The downsides are the company doesn’t have a long track record and, historically, solar stocks have not performed well.


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  • Accredited investors
  • IRA investors
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  • SRI investors


What Is Wunder Capital?

Wunder Capital is a unique investment platform that connects investors with commercial solar energy projects that need funding. The company does this by creating solar investment funds comprised of mid-sized solar companies that it thoroughly vets.

The company’s website describes Wunder Capital as a financial technology company. But Wunder Capital manages all aspects of the process, making it easy for accredited investors who want to fund solar projects and add them to their portfolios. The funds have also produced decent returns. And a recent round of Series B funding raised $112 million in debt and equity financing.

The companies in Wunder’s funds are in the field of supplying solar energy to commercial properties. And according to Wunder, this is a segment of the solar market that is lagging compared to the residential and utility segments.

Wunder’s co-founder and CEO, Bryan Birsic, notes the company has partnered with more than 100 commercial solar developers and installers in 27 states. The solar companies have direct contact with their commercial customers. They bring in Wunder to help them get their finances in shape, including providing the companies with funding via the firm’s investment funds.

Wunder is filling a need for funding for mid-sized solar companies that have had trouble getting loans from commercial banks due to the costs associated with making these loans to solar startups in need.

But besides providing financing to solar firms, Wunder’s funds deliver investors a one-stop, diversified portfolio of solar loans.

Wunder Capital’s Family of Funds

The firm currently runs three debt funds, two of which are still open to new investment. In both cases, the loan portfolio consists of loans to established mid-sized businesses. And both funds require a minimum investment of $1,000.

Wunder Capital launched the Term Fund in July 2016. The fund:

  • Has an 8.5% projected annual return over its 84-month life; and
  • Is described on the Wunder Capital site as lending “to strong U.S. businesses that are seeking to capture the full economic benefits of going solar.”

Wunder Capital launched the Income Fund in May 2016. The fund:

  • Has a 6.0% projected annual return over its 120-month life; and
  • Is described on the Wunder Capital site as being an investment “in operational solar projects that are powering healthy businesses across the country.”

Wunder Capital launched the Wunder Capital 5 Fund in October 2017. The fund:

  • Has a 7.5 projected annual return over its 60-month life;
  • Has a 20-year amortization of principal; and
  • Is described on the Wunder Capital site as a way to “invest in large-scale solar projects that power U.S. businesses, non-profits, municipalities and community solar developments.”

Note that the Wunder Capital funds are currently open only to accredited investors. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) defines an accredited investor as someone with:

  • An income of $200,000 in each of the past two years (or $300,000 with a spouse) and a reasonable expectation of the same level of income or greater in the current year; or
  • A net worth of at least $1 million, excluding the value of their primary residence.
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Wunder capital

Founded: 2014 Aliases: The Wunder Fund Contact: hello@wundercapital.com (720)608-1685 Founded in 2014, Wunder makes it simple for any accredited investor to build a solar portfolio and reap the returns previously accessible to only the largest institutional investors and corporations. Wunder sources solar projects from its growing national network of installer partners and uses proprietary software to perform rigorous diligence on each project. Wunder then brings the very best solar investment opportunities to institutional and individual accredited investors. Located in Boulder, Colorado, Wunder is the first solar company to be backed by the prestigious Techstars incubator program. Learn more at www.WunderCapital.com.

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