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Wealth Migrate, the Global Real Estate Market Place, is working with best-of-breed partners worldwide to revolutionise real estate globally and through the power of the crowd, help investors have access to the safest and best opportunities locally or internationally and to create global wealth for all! It provides a global, self-service, crowd funding real estate solution, which takes advantage of local real estate markets, through best-of-breed partners, efficiency, a global IT platform and collective buying power. Basically it is tomorrow’s simple answer to making sophisticated investments in local and global real estate, residential and commercial, with like-minded real estate investors and to create global wealth, today. Wealth Migrate’s foundations are built firmly on three core values, trust, transparency and most importantly making sure that everyone’s interests are aligned. It is a blend of nature’s laws and technology which revolves around partnerships, as nature teaches us - when birds fly in a flock, versus flying on their own, a bird in a flock can fly 70% further than a bird on their own. What differentiates Wealth Migrate is its team’s experience, track record and results in International Real Estate: • 227 years of International Real Estate Experience • Done 10 779 investments on 5 continents • Deals to the value of over $1,32 billion • Authored & Published 19 books (including New York Times bestsellers) of which over 2 million have been sold, making them the undisputed authority on International Real Estate. Globally, a team like this has never been formed and they are very excited about their exclusive Global Real Estate Partnerships with CommunityLeader, as they continue to partner with the best globally!

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