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There are two main ways of using VirWoX: You want your order executed immediately: In this case, you would simply accept the current best available rate, and place a "market order". You are willing to wait for an even better rate: In this case, you place a "limit order" and specify your desired rate. Of course, your order will only get executed if and when somebody is willing to accept your offer. How does it work? Say, you have 100 Euros in your VirWoX account and want to get Linden dollars for it. You check the current market and see that the rate is near 400 (Linden dollars per Euro). So you decide you want to sell your Euros for not less than 400 Linden dollars per Euro. Commissions aside, this would give you 40,000 Linden dollars if executed. You go to the Exchange EUR/SLL page (EUR is the currency symbol for Euros, SLL for "Second Life Lindens") and enter an order to sell 100 EUR at a rate of 400 SLL per EUR. Of course, you can also do the opposite and buy Euros (=selling Linden dollars) by entering a "buy" order. Once you have entered you order, it will be processed by our fully automatic order matching system. If and when there is an opposite order for the same rate, your order may get matched with it. Note that your order may be matched with more than one other order, i.e. there can also be partial executions. Until the order is fully executed, you have the option of cancelling (the remaining part of) it. After you have exchanged your money to some other currency, you can request a withdrawal of that currency using the 'Withdraw' page. In case of a withdrawal of SLL to your SL acccount, this will be completed in a few seconds. Withdrawals to PayPal, Skrill, or bank account sometimes require a manual intervention and therefore may take a bit longer in this case.

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