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OppLoans Is A Legitimate Lending Company The fact that OppLoans is a legitimate lending company is great these days when there are still so many rogue companies cluttering up the Internet. In addition, they are not a loan matching company that is posing as a lending company. The website is owned by the company that actually forwards the funds to you. OppLoans Offers Average Interest Rates To People With Poor-But-Not-Terrible Credit OppLoans claims they are the bees-knees for having interest rates that range between 100% and 200%, which is good for a payday loan company. However, most payday loan companies will give you a loan no matter what your credit rating is. OppLoans will not give you a loan no matter what your credit rating is. As a result, people with bad credit will not be able to get a OppLoans loan, but people with poor-but-not-terrible credit will be able to enjoy an interest rate that is good-to-average compared to other short-term loan companies. Some People May Receive Their Money Within 1 – 3 Days If you have good credit, or poor-to-good credit, then you may be able to receive your funds within one day. Some people are delayed for around three days for a variety of reasons. If your loan takes longer, then either you have been denied and OppLoans have not bothered to tell you (you have to log into your account to find out), or they have asked you for extra documentation that you have not provided yet.

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