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Citi® Double Cash Card

Citi® Double Cash Card

Annual Fee:$0
Purchase Intro APR:N/A
Balance Transfer Intro APR:0% for 18 months on Balance Transfers*
Regular APR:15.99% – 25.99% (Variable)

Accomplice Offer

In case you’re scanning for a straightforward money back card that offers extraordinary incentive on your regular spending, look no more remote than the Citi Double Cash Card. With no yearly expense, a level money back rate and direct recoveries, this card can make for an extraordinary expansion to your arrangement of cards or as a prologue to money back remunerations.

Here are the subtleties:

The feature of this card is its effortlessness. The Citi Double Cash procures a level 2% money back rate on each buy—1% as you spend and 1% as you make installments on your card. There are no classes or guides structures toward track and the aggregate sum of money back you can win has no top. That makes this one of the most elevated acquiring cards in the money back classification.

You won’t win money back on equalization moves, however you can exploit the card’s multi month 0% starting APR, which charges an expense of $5 or 3% of the parity, whichever is higher. After the basic time frame, the equalization move APR turns into a variable 15.99%-25.99%.

On the off chance that you travel outside the U.S., you should ensure you have another card for reinforcement, as the Citi Double Cash charges a 3% remote exchange expense.

Would it be a good idea for you to get this card?

In case you’re searching for a card that you don’t need to ponder so as to pick up an incentive from it, this is an extraordinary decision.

Regardless of whether you’re plunging your toes into Mastercard rewards and need something simple to-utilize or you’re searching for a catch-all expansion to your movement and classification based focuses cards, the Citi Double Cash is a sure thing. Its 2% money back rate (1% when you purchase and 1% as you pay for those buys) is almost unsurpassable when joined with the adaptability of boundless level money back.

In the event that you convey an equalization month-to-month, however, you may not see the full estimation of this card. You can in any case gain money back on least installments, yet you’ll likewise bring about enthusiasm at a variable 15.99%-25.99% rate, in view of your financial soundness, that far exceeds the 1% money back.

This is likewise a decent choice if your financial assessment hasn’t exactly made it to “amazing” however no doubt about it “great” go somewhere in the range of 670 and 739, as you may even now fit the bill for this card.

Favorable circumstances

  • Boundless 1% as you purchase, 1% as you pay money back remunerations structure
  • No yearly expense
  • Early on 0% APR for year and a half on equalization moves (at that point 15.99% – 25.99% variable)
  • No classes to follow, no tops on money back


  • No early on APR for buys
  • Variable punishment APR of up to 29.99% in the event that you pay late or installment is returned
  • The parity move charge is 3% or $5, whichever is more prominent
  • So as to get the full 2% money back worth, you should cover your equalization every month
  • The outside exchange expense is 3%

What amount are the prizes worth?

The card’s boundless 2% money back remunerations rate (1% as you purchase, 1% as you pay) is its best include, however the Citi Double Cash is additionally valuable for parity moves.

You can appreciate an early on 0% APR on parity moves for year and a half (after which it turns into a variable 15.99%-25.99%) with a 3% parity exchange expense. On the off chance that you held the normal American charge card balance at $6,354, you could satisfy the equalization and expenses in full over the starting time frame by making $363.59 regularly scheduled installments, which incorporate the $190.62 in exchange expenses.

Since your money back is reclaimed uniquely through articulation credit or check, recovery esteems are clear. You don’t need to combine it with another Citi card to gain its full esteem; essentially cover your parity every month to procure the full 2% money back.

This card makes for an extraordinary essential prizes Visa that you can enhance with extra travel prizes cards or cards with higher-acquiring rates in classes where you burn through frequently, such as feasting or gas.

The most effective method to get the most incentive from this card:

This card can fill in as your go-to for ordinary spending like goods, utilities and excursions to the shopping center. Use it for everything that doesn’t fall into those classes in which you may have another, higher-gaining prizes card, similar to travel.

After you’ve paid for your buys with this card, however, the way to boosting its worth is covering your parity. The 1% money back you’ll acquire when making buys is only a small amount of the card’s high factor loan cost. Ensure you pay off the card every month to gain the full 2% money back worth and keep premium charges under control.

Main concern

This nitty gritty money back card has an incredible prizes rate and no yearly expense. On the off chance that you cover your equalization every month and you’re searching for a basic method to win money back, Citi Double Cash is an extraordinary card to add to your wallet.