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Crowd Supply is a launchpad for open hardware, hackables and high end goods that embrace the principles of open design. It empowers product creators to bring their ideas to life with the tools and services they need the most, from strategy and crowdfunding, to ongoing sales and product fulfillment. It is the only platform of its kind to be endorsed by the Free Software Foundation for respecting the privacy and freedom of its users, and the only crowdfunding platform where every funded product has successfully been made and delivered to backers. Notable product launches include the open Novena laptop by bunnie & xobs, Purism’s Librem laptop, and Circuit Stickers by Chibitronics. Crowd Supply is based in the maker mecca of Portland, OR, and was founded by a team of product engineers from MIT Media Lab. To shop or launch a product of your own, visit www.crowdsupply.com.



of funded projects have delivered to backers
(we vet and help our projects)


of launched projects have successfully funded
(2X more than Kickstarter for comparable projects)


average amount raised per successful project
(6X more than Kickstarter for comparable projects)




9.5 Total Score

Founded: 2012 Contact: info@crowdsupply.com | (800) 554-2014 Crowd Supply is a crowdfunding platform focused on new product development projects. The platform supports campaigns, pre-orders (once a campaign has successfully funded) and e-commerce sales of completed, fully manufactured products.

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