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BBVA Compass Review

BBVA Compass is one of the largest 25 banks in the US. It has 688 branches with half of them being in Texas. Since 2007, they have been a subsidiary of the Spanish multinational bank Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria. They operate in the Sunbelt region with branches in Texas, Alabama, California, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Florida. If you do not live in one of those states, you shouldn’t consider this bank. However, if you do happen to live in one of the states that have BBVA, then it’s one of the best bank accounts offered, especially the BBVA Compass Free Checking account. You have five options to choose from. There is a free checking account, which is the one we recommend you try. There is a premium checking account and another checking account called Easy Checking (for people who apply for the BVAA Compass ClearChoice Free Checking and get declined), and an interest checking account. They also have BBVA ClearSpend Prepaid Visa, which is good for people who want a prepaid debit card.

Overall Score
  • [+] Handy checking accounts with unlimited check writing. An ideal checking account for your daily financial transactions.
  • [+] A great bank for borrowing money if you have a good FICO score. Even new customers are allowed to borrow if they have a good credit score.
  • [+] BBVA have been known to refund overdraft fees if you make a mistake, you tell them what mistake you made, and then ask for a fees refund.
  • [+] The customer support is very good. Get through to them quickly and have your problems solved very efficiently. Just be sure to check to see that they have done what they said they would.
  • [+] Their 12-month CDs are pretty good, and you can manipulate their tiered interest checking account to earn more for maintaining your balance.
  • [-] It is annoying getting one answer from the telephone support and a different answer from their branch staff. They need to coordinate better.
  • [-] Bank with them for years and experience no problems, but when you experience one, expect a frozen account and lots of phone calls.
  • [-] Some online support staff have claimed they have done something when they haven’t, which leads to big problems if you trust their word.
  • [-] They don’t mind blaming you for not noticing the discrepancies that they created; which is like blaming you for not recognizing their mistakes earlier.
  • [-] Some people who apply for ClearSpend prepaid debit cards may find them canceled for no reason shortly after being approved.
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