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10 Benefits of Having a Victoria’s Secret Credit Card


No other lingerie company has ever gotten to the level of Victoria’s Secret. Since it started 41 years ago, the company has expanded its lingerie line into a complete womenswear and beauty product company that’s recognized by everyone globally. Many of the company’s designs are much coveted everywhere by women—and men for that matter. It’s enough reason to really have the Victoria’s Secret credit card. But if wanting will not convince you, here are 10 other benefits to owning a Victoria’s Secret credit card that should be enough to move you towards an application.
1. Savings right away
As soon as you become a cardholder, the first savings benefit you’ll get is a discount of $15 off of your first Victoria’s Secret credit card purchase. It’s a nice incentive, especially if you’ve been eyeing something at the store or online for a long time now. That amount of money is worth it to shave off a few dollars towards something of great value and quality.
2. Birthday surprise
Not many companies out there could even boast something like this. But at Victoria’s Secret, your birthday will be remembered and you will definitely be gifted with something you’ll enjoy. Whether it’s an actual product from the latest collection or a discount card towards a purchase, you can be sure to expect something to come in the mail for you.
3. Free shipping
This is great news for those who just absolutely love shopping online. If you are a Victoria’s Secret credit card holder, all your shopping online will be shipped to you for free. In addition, if you happen to not find something at the store, the store clerks could have the item shipped to your home for free as well.
4. Shopping rewards
The best part about shopping at Victoria’s Secret is this: the more you shop, the more rewards you get. The store has a rewards program that rotates every so often. Make sure that you check your benefits once you become a credit card holder in order to determine what your rewards are, and make sure to check them regularly.
5. Insider access
Victoria’s Secret stores host different types of events all year long. If you’re a credit card holder, you get immediate access to these events. You’ll be notified by mail or email regarding any upcoming cardholder only events. These events will generally give you extra discounts and special previews to new products that have not been released yet.

6. Angel Rewards
When you’ve accumulated at 250 points, you can get a $10 Angel Reward. You can use this reward towards future purchases, which is definitely a good amount for a discount towards any items at the store, but we love using that discount for beauty products that amount to roughly close to that amount. It’s a nice quick spend at the store—something to use to reward yourself with something small.
7. Card tiers
There are a total of three tiers for the Victoria’s Secret credit card, with the Angel card being the first tier, followed by the Angel VIP card. The top tier is called the Angel Forever card. You climb the tiers depending on the amount of points you accumulate each year. The higher your tier is, the more rewards you get. You need to accumulate 500 points to get to the second tier and 1,000 points to get to the top tier.
8. No annual fees
One of the best benefits of this card is the fact that it has no annual fee. Many general credit cards and store cards charge customers an annual fee, which only takes away from the amount of your available credit in the long run. Having no annual fees is a definite perk.
9. Fair credit
You only need a minimum of a fair credit score in order to get the Victoria’s Secret credit card. That’s great news for those who are in the rebuilding stages of their credit or those who just don’t have enough credit to begin with. However, your credit limit may start low in that case.
10. Amazing products
Of course, the best benefit to having the Victoria’s Secret credit card is having the capability to finance your shopping any time you’d like. The credit card is specific to the store, so you can’t use it anywhere else but there. There’s nothing wrong about that because there are no other stores our there like Victoria’s Secret.

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